Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Filmmaker Visit to Telus

During STEAM Fest Telus International El Salvador extended an invitation to tour their installations. The ideas was to enable our IB Film students to search out cool venues and opportunities for film making, within the Telus building. We took them up on their offer and on Friday 6th of May, we took a small group of students to the Telus installations in Plaza Merliot.

During the tour, the students were given a video orientation in the movie theatre, complete with popcorn. They then took a physical tour of the installations, which allowed them to check out the themed conference rooms and investigate the onsite gaming and gym facilities.

The installations do hold quite a bit of promise for our students' future film work. We expect to set up a followup visit in the near future,  to get the ball rolling on a few special projects.

We would like to thank Telus for making this short visit so dynamic for our students.

Please visit our Flickr album to view all of our snaps from this trip and more.

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