Thursday, June 4, 2015

Visit to Walter Soundy School Library

The ReciLectura Club recently paid a visit to the Walter Soundy School Library. During the visit the our ABC students shared the activities they had prepared with 5th grade students. The activity was "Poems for Mothers," in which the students engaged in writing poems dedicated to their mums, on a card. They really enjoyed this activity.

 We asked the ABC students to share their experiences with this activity:

"It was a very enriching experience because we were able to see what the children appreciated most about the activity and its benefits. We went to see 5th grade in which the children were very active, and very happy to contribute."

"We had a great experience visiting the Walter A. Soundy school. We had the opportunity to share three wonderful Mothers Day poems with the 5th grade at this school. I hope we can visit this place again and share more memories and experiences with our new friends from Walter Soundy."

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