Friday, April 24, 2015

Earth Week 2015

We celebrated Earth Week this week and in doing so, created themed arts and crafts with our secondary students. The sessions were held on Tuesday and Thursday after school. 

One of the crafts we made was “Ellie the fish” which we created them with recycled water bottles. This was to build awareness and to help students to learn more about recycling, and think creatively about what we can do with recycled materials.  

·        recycled water bottles
·        scissors
·        silicone glue
·        googly eyes
·        paint
·        stapler

Step by step:
1.     Cut the water bottle in half.
2.     Use only the top part of the bottle to create the fish.
3.     Cut off the bottom part of the bottle to create the fins.
4.     Staple the fins together.
5.     Be creative painting the fish.
6.     Paste the eyes on with the silicon glue.

We named our first owl “SAM” and used it as a model on which to base the creation of  a large family of owls.

·         paper towel rolls
·         recycled paper
·         eyes
·         glue
·         scissors
·         paint

How we did it
1-    Paint the paper towel rolls.
2-    Fold the top of the towel paper rolls down toward the middle to form the owl's ears.
3-    Cut out circles, triangles and hearts from the recycled paper in different colours.
4-    Then paste the hearts so they look like the owl’s feet, then  circles for the owl's feathers, then  triangles for the owl’s beak and lastly the eyes.
5. Use your creativity to make it look nice.

With this activity the girls showed their creativity and love for our planet through recycling.

Visit to the City Library in Antiguo Cuscatlan

To celebrate Earth Day we visited the Antiguo Cuscatlan, City Library with ABC students who are part of  our library club "Read, Recycle and Create" . During the Visit we shared our arts and crafts activities with 4th graders from Walter Thilo Deininger School.  We also shared the story of “Martin and the world” by Nancy MartelloThis story teaches the values of teamwork, cooperation, effort and love for our planet Earth.

We asked the ABC students to share their experiences with this activity. 
Here is an example of one of them. 

"My experience at the Antiguo Cuscatlan library was one that I will always save in my heart. At first when we got there I was nervous.  I was unsure of how the kids would be or if they would enjoy the activities that we had planned for them. When we started reading the story the kids fell quiet and my voice traveled around loudl and cleary.  When we finished, they applauded. This was really nice because it showed they appreciated it. Afterwards we started handing out materials and they all said thanks and were really nice. I helped them cut and glue things and they were really grateful for it. At the end, one of the girls I had helped rushed forward and hugged me and it felt extremely good, because I knew she had enjoyed what we did with her and that I had made someone really happy that day. I would certainly love to do it again.
 For more pictures visit Flickr
Post by: Hilda Gomez and Eugenia Rivas
LRC Librarians

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