Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Internet Safety Week 2015

Our ABC Internet Safety Week , also known as Safer Internet Week, starts on Monday.

During the week students will learn more about safe online practices through daily mini lessons, assemblies and focus activities in lessons.

We have been  talking to students and parents about online safety, providing strategies and holding practical workshops for the past 7 years and although progress was slow initially, most of our community is aware of the issues and can apply certain strategies in their daily lives to help ensure that they remain safe online and make social networks work for them.

If you are on the lookout for good resources to use with your children,  have a look through the Mini Lesson resources we have compiled. Parents might want to use the resources for their children's grade level to reinforce the concepts they will be focusing on during the week.

Here are three short videos done by the younger students in their after school club.  They contain very brief messages, which offer advice for staying safe online.

These videos were fun and easy to produce using the school iPads.

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