Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Libraries in the Cloud and Applications for Makerspaces

Libraries around the world are turning into dynamic innovative places,
that motivate communities to create, innovate and learn.

On Saturday May 26th, 2018 the LRC team hosted a series of short workshops entitled
Libraries in the Cloud and Practical Applications for Makerspaces.
Participants included teachers, librarians and interested individuals from around
the country.

This initiative was one of many activities that took place during the celebration of
Salvadoran Librarian week, during the 60th Anniversary of Contributing to the
Development of Information Professionals: Globally United as Agents of Change.

Various sessions were offered as morning workshop:
Google Drive and Sites, Virtual Reality and 360 degree Tours with Google
Cardboard, Expeditions, Panoform y 360 degree Cameras, Makerspaces,
Drones, and 3D Design and Printing amongst others.

The excitement and active learning were palpable as participants moved from
one activity to the next. Each one of them left the workshops with several exciting
new ideas for their own institution as well as implementation strategies.  

The excitement isn’t over yet. Participants have kept the discussion going through our
ABES Google Classroom, where 3D models and other ideas are still being uploaded.

It is truly a pleasure to work with such motivated individuals as we work 
together as educators to share ideas, best practice and inspiration.  

You can view media from the workshops here.

Hilda Gomez and Jennifer Garcia

Friday, March 16, 2018

STEAM Fest 2018

The event is open to students across Primary and Secondary and also includes winning projects from the 6th and 7th grade Science Fair. Special guests including schools and organisations around the country also attend as part of the STEAM Fest community outreach initiative. 

This year schools from as far away as Morazan and La Union are taking part along with schools from Santa Tecla and San Salvador.

The festivities kicked off at 7:30 this morning and ran until 12:20 pm. An innovative go-kart project was introduced this year. At 10:30 the access ramp next to the large pool was closed off and the races began.

The entire STEAM Fest event was streamed live on the ABC Facebook page.
 If you were unable to catch the live streams you can also them from the Facebook page. 

Here are a few pictures from Thursday evening when the STEAM Team and
Crew set up the Auditorium with the help of our wonderful maintenance people.

Click here to view all the media from the event.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Silicon Valley Trip 2018

The first-ever Silicon Valley trip returned last Saturday and the students and teachers have not stopped talking about it.

The trip,  which involved 11th and 12th-grade ITGS and Computer Science students, was divided up into a week's worth of visits and activities which focused on technology developments in the region and their impacts worldwide. It also included a whole day tour of San Francisco. 

The group was transported from San Francisco to San Jose on a huge bus driven by Jose or as we came to call him Don Josecito.  The first stop on this leg of the trip was the Intel Museum for a 2-hour tour including lab visit.

Day 1

Intel provided one of the most powerful experiences on the trip. The tour guide delivered a hands-on workshop for our students and a very complete tour of this small museum, which included the history of Intel and its microchips, real ingots and wafers, and the chance to put on the garments used in the clean rooms of chip manufacturing.

The day ended with a trip to K1 Speedkart where the students had the opportunity to whiz around the track while competing for first place in the mini Grandprix!

It was all very exciting and it would seem that they were already well practiced!

Day 2

On Day 2 we got up early and bused ourselves over to GOOGLE. I don't think any of us truly realised the extent of Google's Campus until we arrived at the wrong end (our phone was acting up) and walked all the way across.

We were well received by a member of the Google Earth team John, who gave our students the overview of several Google projects including Street View and Expeditions. The students were given their very own Google Cardboard viewers to try out during the session and take home prior to visiting the snack bar.

John then led the group on a walking tour of the campus. Each member was handed a 360-degree camera and selfie stick (these were loaners) so that they could take their own 360-degree images of the tour to use with their viewers. We polished off the visit with a Google-sized lunch at the outdoor cafeteria, a visit with the Android lawn statues and a visit to the Google Store.

Our next stop was Stanford University, where the students participated in a very interesting tour lead by a 2nd-year student and included the history of Stanford, a walk around the grounds, information on academic and non-academic programs, Q/A and of course the bookshop!

We topped off the day with a visit to the Great Mall!

Day 3

During day 3 we visited the Computer History Museum. This was a self-led tour during through which the students learned about the 2000 years of computing history.

The museum contains 1,100 artifacts! It was geek paradise!

Nasa Ames Research Centre was our next stop. The kids got to touch a moon rock and space shuttle tires, walk in a model space station, build virtual solar systems and more. Of course, they also made a stop at the gift shop.

We finished off the day with a walk down Mountain View's Castro Street.

Day 4

During Day 4 we took a short morning walk in the Sofa District and visited the Tech Innovation Museum. 

At the museum, students were treated to their first Imax movie as well as a self-guided tour of the museum's abundant displays and activity centres.  They programmed, played with sensors and AI, viewed the human machine from within and tried hovercraft. Some of our kids even strapped on VR Googles and took their exploration to the skies in a VR flying tour of the Manhatten skyline through the Birdly tour. 

Our next stop was Apple Park. We weren't allowed into the mothership, but the kids could view it from the visitor's centre as well as through a model sporting augmented reality layers. 

Day 5

This was our San Francisco Tour day. You shouldn't go to San Francisco without visiting certain landmarks and so we did.

The group ferried over to Alcatraz, did the cell block tour, which was fabulous, toured the wharves, walked to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch and took an afternoon bus tour of the city which included historical landmarks such Victorian homes, parks, and of course a ride over the Golden Gate bridge. 

Day 6

Back to El Salvador!

We packed a lot into this trip and managed to tire the kids out by the end of each day, prior to catching some sleep so they could 
get up bright and early for the next adventure.  

Did I mention that the trip was amazing? The learning, discoveries, and discussions that took place were powerful and it was wonderful to watch students from different year groups and specialist subjects bond even further as part of our little community of travelers.

 The experiences and learning that came out of them, coupled with the friendships that were forged will stick with them for a very long time.  

We would like to thank all of the parents and students who made this memorable trip possible!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Con el objetivo de crear nuevos productores y artistas, el duo Shaka y Dres ofrecen clases personlizadas a todos los jovenes o personas interesadas en aprender a producir su propia canción.
Cabe mencionar que ellos han decidido darle exclusividad a la Academia Británica Cuscatleca ofreciendo las clases como extracurricular a un grupo de 10 alumnos quienes están verdaderamente interesados en aprender a producir una canción.

Texto por: David Navarro A.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Upper Primary Mini STEAM Fest

On Wednesday January 31st, Upper Primary hosted a Mini STEAM Fest. The goal of the activity was to promote the whole school STEAM Fest 2018 event programmed on March 09th. The activity lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to attract and engage our students. Some kids presented their crafts from their extracurricular lessons. We also had some participants from the extracurricular of Robotics. We had a good variety of projects related to the core areas of STEAM.

During the activity, we had live music, exhibitions and hand on activities. The attendees had the opportunity to play with high tech toys, and have VR experience. We also announced the winners of the STEAM Fest Logo design. In Primary, we would like to congratulate Andrea Hasbún from 3rd Dykes.

The staff in charge of organising this activity were Ms Veronica Martinez (Computing assistant), and Sara Mena (ICT Specialist in Lower and Upper Primary).

Here is a link to our Mini Maker Fair Album

Friday, January 26, 2018

Mini Maker Fair 2018.

Este día se desarrolló una Mini Maker Fair para promover todos los proyectos que nuestros alumnos han comenzado a trabajar y así motivar a otros para que se puedan incorporar.  La Mini Maker se realizó en la cafetería de la escuela, donde vimos el entusiasmo, la alegría y motivación de nuestros estudiantes.

Al mismo tiempo hacemos la cordial invitación para este próximo 09 de marzo puedan acompañarnos a nuestro gran evento STEAM Fest 2018.

Fotos del evento https://goo.gl/XGm9UK

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sustainability Project 2018

We have recently finished running our 7th-grade sustainability project in which the students research sustainable farming, design and build actual vertical gardens as well as automated MinecraftEdu gardens.

I am sharing two video walkthroughs below with more to come soon in our latest LRC playlist on Youtube.

We hope you enjoy the videos. Here is the link this unit as well as our collection of ABCICT lessons which have been developed over the past 10 years.

Here are some images from certain activities in the project!