Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Week 2013-A Look Back on the Week

This Book Week has been a great success.

Our students and staff members across the Secondary school have been very busy reading great books and engaging in plenty of book related activities. The Spanish and English classes that came in busily filled in book blurbs and worked on Reading related activities. Many of the classes that joined us in the LRC during the week, spent their time  reading for pleasure on the bean bags and carpet areas.

One of the first events of the week took place on Monday when Mr. Keslake held his annual Book Week Assembly for 6-8th grades. As always it was an exciting event full of stories and sharing by both staff and students. We were so impressed that we have added many of the books that were highlighted at the assembly to our final book order this year. 

The Book Fair that has been with us since Wednesday will be packing up this afternoon. We would like to thank them for taking the time to bring their book stalls in, as well as for coming in extra early on Thursday, so that tutors could bring their students down to browse the selection. We would like to thank the students and the book vendors for their Spanish language book donations that were dropped off. The Santa Tecla Children's  Library will be very happy to receive their donations.

The churros and handicraft stalls, which were with us as of Monday morning, were very busy all week long, often packing up rather late into the afternoon, once the demand slowed down.

Hilda, our assistant librarian, led a Scavenger Hunt on Thursday in the LRC, which was a wonderful success. It was really exciting to watch our students as they worked through the QR Code clues with the iPads. It was even more exciting to listen to their joyful comments as they came to the realisation that scavenger hunts are really fun! We must hold more scavenger hunts in the future!

Today's Character Day has gone very well and is not over yet. We will be adding the images to our Flickr account as well as our FaceBook Page as the day progresses. Do go in and have a look at all the wonderful ways in which our school has celebrated its joy of reading great books.

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